NLB Consulting is uniquely qualified to serve as your Inspector of Elections.  Our personnel have many years of experience exclusively with elections for HOA's in the Coachella Valley.  On our staff, we have two full time Notaries Public to serve as Inspectors of Election and a staff able to act in support positions.  

Over the years, we have worked with many law firms in the Coachella Valley in helping our clients fulfill all requirements of the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act. The requirements of SB 323 specify that ballots be mailed, or hand delivered to a location designated by the inspector, and that a receipt for delivery be provided upon request (Civil Code Section 5100).  

Our office is conveniently located near downtown Palm Springs on Tahquitz Canyon Way, and we will collect ballots there prior to the election and store the ballots after the election until the time allowed by law for challenging the election has expired.  As Inspector of Elections, we will resolve any issues that arise with the election process or the results.

Whether it's a Director Election, Governing Document restatement or amendment, Special Assessment or Board Recall, our team has the experience and knowledge to ensure a smooth experience from beginning to end. 

As Inspectors of Elections, NLB Consulting will:

ü  Prepare and distribute all notices and balloting materials
ü  Receive all ballots at the offices of NLB Consulting
ü  Register receipt of all envelopes, fulfilling quorum requirement
ü  Register all persons attending the meeting
ü  Open, count and tabulate all ballots at a duly noticed open meeting after the cessation of voting
ü  Resolve all challenges and questions resulting from the election
ü  Prepare formal election report for distribution to all members
ü  Keep all ballots, Second Envelopes, Candidate Registration lists and Voter lists until after the time period for challenges