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Inspector of Elections Services

  •  Ensure the Association has new Election Rules in place that conform to SB 323 
  •  Create and Distribute Self-Nomination form at least 90-days ahead of the Annual meeting
  •  Create and Distribute General Notice 60-days ahead of the Annual meeting.
  •  Create and Distribute full Ballot Package 30-days ahead of the Annual meeting
  •  Receive all ballots at the offices of NLB Consulting 
  •  Register receipt of all envelopes, fulfilling quorum requirement 
  •  Register all persons attending the meeting 
  •  Open, count and tabulate all ballots at a duly noticed open meeting after the cessation of voting 
  •  Resolve all challenges and questions resulting from the election 
  •  Prepare formal election report for distribution to all members 
  •  Retain all balloting materials, Second Envelopes, Candidate Registration and Voter lists until after   the time period for challenges (12 months)
  •  Additional or Reduced Services Available. 

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